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Laptop Buyer's Guide: 14-inch and Smaller

A couple of weeks ago, Dustin published the first part of our Mobile Buyer’s Guide, focused on notebooks and desktop replacements larger than 14”. Now we’re back with the second half, detailing the best choices for portable and ul...

Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A Cheap, Inge...

We already know that we need to eat plenty of leafy greens to stay healthy, but who knew that a salad spinner itself could help save lives? As we learn from EurekAlert, Rice University undergraduates Lila Kerr and Lauren Theis were presented with an a...

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  • 4 Must-Have Creams for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

    In this everyday hustle-bustle lifestyle, we hardly care for our skin. This leads to plenty of skin problems like dryness, acne, cold sore, blister, pimple, scars, actinic keratosis, rosacea and many others.
  • Guidelines for Writing a Reflective Essay Based on Readings

    When someone assigns a “reflective essay," he does not want to write about what you see in the mirror. A test of reflection explores your thoughts on an issue. The majority of students in their first encounter test reflection when a teacher asks ...
  • Brit Party Leader Splits With Girlfriend After Her Shocking Remarks About Meghan Markle

    The split followed an uproar over Facebook messages Marney sent to a friend about Markle, who will marry Newport Cigarettes Price this spring. Marney described Markle as a “dumb little commoner,” and called black people “ugly.” ...
  • Brit Party Leader Splits With Girlfriend After Her Shocking Remarks About Meghan Markle

    The leader of the UK Independence Party has broken up with his girlfriend following revelations of her shocking comments about American actress Marlboro Cigarettes Price “I don’t defend these comments whatsoever,” UKIP leader Henry Bo...
  • Wednesday, January 10, 2018 China Focus: Sharper teeth for graft-busters through supervisory reform

    Strengthened supervision of use of power is being extended nationwide, as China's fight against graft reaches a new level.

    On Monday, the first county-level supervisory commission in southwest China's Yunnan Province began its work. One year after pilot...  more
  • Juventus beats city rival Torino 2-0 to reach cup semifinals

    Three-time defending champion Juventus beat city rival Torino 2-0 to reach the Italian Cup semifinals on Wednesday. A Douglas Costa strike and a controversial Mario Mandzukic goal set up a two-legged encounter with Atalanta.
  • Daly says NHL in no rush to discuss Winter Olympic plans

    The NHL isn't going to get drawn into any discussions about participating in future Winter Olympics until after the Pyeongchang Games are complete. Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said that's the answer he provided to International Ice Hockey Federation...  more
  • 'Lady Bird's' Saoirse Ronan comes of age on screen, in life

    Saoirse Ronan is eyeing the lobster salad at Spago in Beverly Hills and has a difficult decision to make regarding cherry tomatoes. She doesn't like them, but she also doesn't like asking for special accommodations.
  • Developer makes his face invisible with an iPhone X

    Developer makes his face invisible with an iPhone X
  • Marlboro Cigarettes Online

    Young man with Karen the Roland smoked a cigarette in the garden, the taste is so different and unique flavor.The taste is full of melancholy is full of temptation.Karen, I succeeded, I smoked out of him.Was so beautiful." Guy seemed to use from this l...